The Human Rights Challenge in the District of Columbia: the Struggle for Economic, Social and Political Justice.

What is the human rights crisis in the District?
  Impact of the Budget Cuts on health in DC is shocking and the "misery index" increases
  On welfare and the war on the poor
  Summary of hurtful budget cuts
Violations of Human Rights in the District
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  Human Rights of (LGBT) and those with HIV/AIDS Update!
  Human Rights of Immigrants
Criminal (In)Justice System By Steve Donkin
Environmental Dimensions
  Air Pollution
  Lead Poisoning
  Degradation of the Anacostia
Why is there a Control Board?
Was Marion Barry the real problem?
So, why was there a deficit in DC's budget ?

What should be our budgetary priorities be?

How should our budgetary priorities be funded?
  We still can revise our tax code:
  Tax relief!
  Raise tax rates on the highest assessed property
  Higher taxes for the wealthy!
  We need tough love for the wealthy!
How do we get democratic self-rule and financial accountability?
We all now face a critical choice in our future
Reaganomics reborn - Update

Present Tax Structure Regressive!

-- Postscript -- A Profile of Darius Mans, a new member of the Control Board

Can We Afford... (Update added 11/23/99)
Initiative 2000 (Update added 1/7/2000)

DC, neoliberalism & the World Bank (Update added 2/23/2000)
Taxes in DC! (Update added 3/5/2000)
The Emperor has no clothes! (Update 5/5/2000)