First there were the Ballots:   (Double-click below to see larger photos.) Then there were Dimples!

Usually the press shows a nice clean example This one is a bit better since it is a photo of the ballot. But this is still not what the voter would see inside the booth.

Here is an example of how the media often showed the butterfly ballot.

Was the Butterfly Ballot unconstitutionally confusing? Notice, this media example doesn't show how the tilt mis-aligned the holes and arrows.

The printed samples sent to the voter didn't prepare them either. The holes were missing and the instructions didn't fit exactly.

Here's a photo of the sample booklet.

Chads anyone?
Remember, these tiny chads are supposed to fall out! If they don't, the machines will give false readings. Some machines reportedly were jammed up with un-emptied chads that prevented the voter from punching out their choice, thus a "dimple." And that's why hand counts are more accurate!

Finally, here is a photo that shows how it actually looked to the voter, tilted backward, so the recessed holes appear a bit out of line.

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How do you make a dimple?

Republicans claim "dimpled ballots" should not be counted because people were either indecisive or incompetent and a dimple doesn't represent a vote.

But how could you make a dimple? Try it with a stylus and a computer card. Even if trying, it is hard to push enough to dent the paper chad, but not pop out one or more corners.

But now, have you ever used a hole punch that was jammed up? Like those voting machines that were shown in court that had never been emptied or cleaned and were stuffed with chad?

Try me!

Even with sharp cutters and a lever handle, a hole punch won't cut out holes if it's jammed up.

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