These are sections of the US Department of State Publication 7308, 1961.

"A Threat to the Peace : North Viet-Nam's Effort To Conquer South Viet-Nam In Two Parts"

They are available from various sources including The Virtual Vietnam Archive of Texas Tech.

The U.S. government published this "White Paper" in an effort to "prove" North Vietnam was the aggressor, but even reading this one page reveals it is the U.S. who is the invader. This diary of a "Viet Cong" medical officer who was returning to his native South shows it was the Vietnamese who are defending their country and land. We have no idea of he survived, but his words and sentiments are so moving and demonstrate the humanity and determination that helped the Vietnamese people survive and win their

The original document was in two parts with an extensive appendix. These are PDF files and some may take time to download.

Updated: 11/25/2013