On Feb. 15-17, 2003, Millions Demonstrated Around the world

To stop the US Launching a War on Iraq.

Here are some of those Millions!

70,000 in Amsterdam, Holland (36,045 bytes) Andalucia (28,180 bytes) Ankara, Turkey (32,931 bytes) Even Antartica! (28,500 bytes) 50,000 in Athens, Greece (37,678 bytes)
Baghdad, Iraq (26,144 bytes) 3000 in Bangkok, Thailand (41,213 bytes) 1.3 Million in Barcelona, Spain (41,333 bytes) 500,000 in Berlin, Germany (36,221 bytes) 40,000 in Bern, Switzerland (36,976 bytes)
Bombay (21,355 bytes) 30,000 in Brussels (70,000 reported by participant), Belgium (34,204 bytes) 50,000 in Buenos Aires, Argentina (31,010 bytes) Cairo, Egypt (38,527 bytes) 15,800 in Canberra and 100's of thousands all over Australia (47,256 bytes)
Cape Town, South Africa (37,690 bytes) Caracas, Venezuela (56,966 bytes) Costa Rica (27,169 bytes) 200,000 in Damascus, Syria (40,135 bytes) 100,000 in Dublin, Ireland (23,673 bytes)
Many Photos by Country! Forward to Part 2
See some of the hundreds of demonstrations in the USA


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Let me know if you have some good ones to add... wteague@redandgreen.org