What happened?

The Courts decided!
On 12/8/2000 the Florida Supreme Court, in a 4 to 3 decision overturned Judge Sauls and said Count the Votes!
But on 12/9/2000 the U.S. Supreme Court 5 to 4 stopped the counting and Tuesday, 12/12/200 said, sorry it is too late!
And Bush was made President!

Florida Supreme Court Decisions
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Among the questions decided in the Florida Courts were:

Was the Butterfly Ballot unconstitutionally confusing? (Keep in mind this media example didn't show how it really looked! Take a look.)
The Courts decided it wasn't a problem!

Judge N. Sanders Sauls said there was no need for a recount and Gore lawyers appealed to the Florida Supreme Court. Of course he also didn't bother to even look at the most important evidence, the uncounted ballots! Now that the Supreme Court has overturning him, he has recused himself.

On 12/8/2000 the judges in Seminole and Martin counties decided Election Officials giving special, secret and illegal assistance to Republican voters didn't harm the Democrats! Why did they think the Republican Election officials broke the law? The judges decision declared the vote count had been "Full and Fair"! Then Bush's lawyer had the audacity to claim this proved that all votes both Republican and Democratic had been treated "alike."

The Florida Supreme Court decided 4 to 3!

Count the uncounted Votes!

But the US Supreme Court has Stopped the counting and will hear arguments on Monday at 11 am!

Florida Supreme Court Web Site
12/8/2000 Decision in PDF

What happened next?
The Republicans got the US Supreme Court to stop the counting and on Tuesday, 12/12/2000 it made Bush the President!

The Florida Legislature was ready to appoint its own Electors!

The people - of all political opinions - are increasingly furious and the future is uncertain!

How did we get here?