Anti-war stories and photos

Here are some more videos from TV news at that time. While mostly pro-war and never objective or presenting an in depth or analytical coverage from the anti-war point of view, watching these videos so many years later, the essence still comes through.

  1. 1967 April 15, Anti-war Demonstration in New York City. CANLF shown gathering at 0:50 and marching later. (This shows our 40' display in Central Park, to gather the Revolutionary Contingent groups that later marched with the flags of all the Liberation Movements to the UN.)
  2. 1967 Anti-War Demonstration at the Pentagon. Video of the Pentagon Demonstration.
  3. Nguyen Van Luy - A leader and patriot of both Vietnam and his adopted country, the USA. He was t he first Vietnamese-American to give a speech at a major anti-war Demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial on October 21, 1967, the Pentagon Demonstration. Biographical materials and photos.
  4. 1969 Film Showing of Vietnamese films in NYC. Walter interviewed. [Better and bigger version on Youtube] Feb. 15 & 16, 1969 at the Alternate U. in NYC. The feature film was "The Rising Storm" about a brother and sister on opposite sides of the liberation struggle. Film disappeared when mailed back with name showing! Other films were taken by RU and supposedly later donated to a University. We are still searching. Youtube:
  5. 1969 Moratorium Demonstration in Washington DC. Some CANLF flags and banners up front while other groups independently replaced the US flags around the Washington Memorial with large NLF flags. One can be seen near the end of the video.
  6. April 23rd 1971, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War held historic demonstrations in Washington, DC.
  7. 200,000 at Washington Peace march (circa 1971 John Kerry speaks
  8. April 24th 1971 Peace March Against the War in Vietnam After the Veterans and before the May Day demonstrations, there were demonstrations by a broad coalition.
  9. April 24th 1971 Peace March Against the War in Vietnam Pt. 2
  10. May Day Demonstrations May 1-3, 1971. First time the pacifists and more militant demonstrators joined in civil disobedience and led to briefly shutting down the government function in Washington, DC and the largest mass arrests in US history. More than 12,000 people arrested over the days of this demonstration. Keep in mind that much of what happened to organize and carry out these demonstrations have yet to be written. Do a Google search. I will add more in the coming days. Also, see Walter's Draft comments on this May Day Demonstrations.
  11. 2012 Series "Who Rules America" Episode 3 by Danny Schechter. Walter interviewed at 15:49 and 17:40.
  12. US Government tries to revise history and cover up its crimes. See the USA (Pentagon) Vietnam War Commemoration!
    But also make sure you check out the response of those who both fought in and against that war in the Lessons Of Vietnam web page, and below.
  13. May 1,2 2015 Vietnam Power of Protest and the Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power: Vietnam Full Disclosure site. Invitation to VPP - Speakers list VPP- Speakers Bios- Program VPP
  14. On Oct. 21, 2017 a follow up Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee (VPCCP) event in Washington, DC. (Facebook page.) VPCC Schedule.