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This page will present some of the personal/political interests of some of our chapter members and friends.






After years of inspiring generations to actively be better human beings, Abe left the work for the rest of us on January 29, 2007.

At his 90th birthday in 2003, his family and many of his friends celebrated his life and work and he received tribute from members of the Gray Panthers. Abe told them, "if you want to talk to Abe Bloom, you got'ta talk about the war!" When asked to continue, he pointed out that many Americans don't know how much wealth there is in this country that could go for human needs and not war. Abe's eyesight left him near the end and now he is gone, but his vision was always clear. He once said that if he could get a volunteer to help him research the government statistics, he "could prove that the government could afford 10 times as much (human services), in just a few weeks!" You can read an example of his view in his statement on political prisoner Leonard Peltier and his letter on Health Care the Washington Post wouldn't publish!



Until recently Renee was an active member of our local chapter and one of the National Co-Chairs and is on the National Executive Committee of CCDS. As a physician she combines her professional and political concerns. We all benefit from her respectful and principled leadership.




David is a member off our chapter and the DC Statehood Green Party and DC Science for the People.

His biography is on his page associated with the DC Statehood Green Party.

On this site we have some of his writings at: David's Comments and at DC in Violation and it's Update.

You can watch his recent speech at the Tent City DCSGP Campaign Rally on July 18, 2010.

Glenn   Glenn has worked in mental health and is now a teacher in Washington, DC.


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Some Recent Thoughts - 2/11/2012

"In the post 9/11 world, we face many threats; a global war on 'terrorism,' oppression, failures of globalization and now we see the coming threats of catastrophic climate change. These threats are made far more dangerous and certain by the imperial madness that the Bush regime accelerated and that continue even now. The determination of the U.S. led military-industrial-fossil fuel corporate complex to profit off a crusade that feeds terrorism and is empowered by the US government is the main why so many around the world hate what is being done in the name of our country. 'A sword once drawn...!' addresses some of why the unjustly rich and powerful are willing to risk the health of the world rather than give up their power and privilege."

"And perhaps overriding all these concerns, is the fact that, faced with a catastrophic climate changes in the near future, there is no plan, no call by most world leaders, as yet no likelihood we will be able to prevent these catastrophes!

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NLF button 1964This button was first introduced in 1965 to get people to consider why the Vietnamese were resisting. The goal was to undermine the fear many Americans had at that time, that the "Viet Cong" were a threat because they would "knife our boys in the back!" We felt that as long as Americans felt their boys threatened, they would reactively support the war. But once the issue was examined, people might then question support for the war. We never expected most people to support the Vietnamese, only stop supporting the war. By 1971, the movement had broadened and included many active troops and veterans.

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Climbing Jacob's Ladder - MP3 of 6-12-10 session.

Climbing Jacobs_Ladder_- MP3 of 6-19-10 session.


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